Tuesday, July 19, 2016

And we're off! To Tanzania--

      As the stress of the travel day is unwinding, I find my friend and I charging our phones on a computer in the middle of a Dutch airport that seems to be a bit more like a shopping mall. The parental guidance is snoozing on reclining chairs I found them in the back of the airport, and we still have 45 minutes until we get food to attempt to wake ourselves up. It's currently 8am here, and 2am at home, and we are feeling it.
     The day has not been without any drama, of course. The same minute we were preparing to leave to the airport, a well-timed fishhook was found in Chestnut the Dog's lip, which had conveniently been accidentally left there for many hours, mistaken for a bee sting. So being rushed to the vet, she is fine, and we made our flight with plenty of time for me to buy a sandwich and six candy bars for the flight. 
     So, here we are, in Amsterdam airport recharging our phones and, failing to recharge ourselves because all four of us watched movies for the majority of the first flight. Don't blame us, though- this particular group of people is notorious for not going to bed until the wee hours of the night, and we can't just magically go to sleep when it's only 11pm at home. There was, however, an adorable blond girl in the seats in front of us that kept both Grace, me, and the girl entertained by us making faces at her when she wasn't asleep. And thank whatever higher force there is that she didn't cry the whole flight. 
Some thoughts of the moment:
     -Dutch, apparently is an amazing language to listen to on the overhead speakers. 
    - I think airports are really cool because there are so many kinds of people going to so many different reasons at the same time and the same place.
     -Amsterdam Airport is by far the busiest airport I have ever set foot in. 
     I can't promise I will be writing this whole trip, or that anyone is even reading it, but whatever- I'll try. And so the adventure begins...